Walking tour

Welcome to our interactive walk through the forgotten histories of collaboration and resistance in Merchtem!

Below is a map (Google Maps) showing a walking route. The idea is to stop at each indicated location and listen to the corresponding podcast. These can be found on this page under the map. At each stop you will find the logo of the resistance or the collaboration, depending on the content of the episode. Have fun listening!

Merchtem during World War II: between collaboration and resistance

The Beginning and the End: Resistance, Collaboration and Repression during WWII in Merchtem.

A. The walking tour starts at the school Sint-Donatus at the Marktstraat on the Market in Merchtem.

Listen to episode 1 of the podcast here.
We wish you much listening and hiking fun!

B. Turn right - with your back turned to the former Broedershuis and Eetcafe 5 voor 12 - towards the Krekelendries. Stop near house no. 4 at the former Droesbeke photography shop, now a convenience store.

Listen to episode 2 of the podcast here.

C. Then cross the street towards the former Ford garage or current furniture shop. Please keep it safe and use the crosswalk as you do, passing the back of the monument to the unknown soldier. The memorial was erected in 1919-1920 to honour the military and civilian war dead of World War I. Still, today also pays tribute to the fallen of World War II. On the back of the monument, read the bottom name of the 'political prisoner'. You may find the answer to who allegedly betrayed Constant J. Droesbeke. Listen to episode 3 of the podcast here.

Listen to episode 3 of the podcast here.

D. Now go back towards the Markt and then on towards the town hall (Nieuwstraat 1).

Here you listen to episode 4 of the podcast.

E. Now cross the street again. Go to the former Sacré printing house (Korte Ridderstraat 5). You'll find it on your left just after the Pig Market.

Here you will listen to episode 5 of the podcast.

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